Armorcoat - 3/4 View
ArmorCoat - Side View
Armorcoat - 3/4 View
ArmorCoat - Side View

The New Gold Standard
Coated Protection for Maximum Performance

Clinically Proven

  • DJO is the first in the US to offer ArmorCoat™ although it has been used in Europe for over 20 years.
  • With a 15 year, 79,000 implant history, no complications or recalls have occurred with the ArmorCoat™ coating.

Decreased Metal Ion Debris

  • The chrome and nickel ions were not detectable
  • The release of cobalt ions was reduced by more than 90% with the ArmorCoat™ coated specimen.

Hardness and Roughness

  • In a standard pin on disc wear test, ArmorCoat™ pincs produced 40% less wear than standard CoCr pins articulating with standard polyethylene.
  • ArmorCoat™ components are measured at a roughness of less than .05 µm, which is approximately half the roughness of uncoated CoCr components.
  • ArmorCoat™ is 4 to 5 times harder than conventional CoCr and is twice as hard as Smith and Nephew’s OXINIUM.™ Surface hardness is correlated with abrasion resistance and stiffness

ArmorCoat Hardness


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