Alians™ Proximal Humerus

Alians Proximal Humerus
Alians Proximal Humerus - Left Plates
Alians Proximal Humerus - Right Plates
Alians Proximal Humerus
Alians Proximal Humerus - Left Plates
Alians Proximal Humerus - Right Plates

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Alians™ Proximal Humerus

The Alians™ Proximal Humerus features an anatomically-contoured proximal humeral plating system that is indicated for fractures and fracture dislocations, osteotomies, and non-unions of the proximal humerus. The simplified instrumentation and technique allows for a streamlined surgical procedure.

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Features & Benefits

Anatomical contoured plate design:

  • Asymmetrical design with left and right specific options
  • Straight edge lines up with bicipital groove for easier plate positioning
  • Sits 1.5cm below Greater Tuberosity to minimize conflict with acromion
  • Spaded tip to assist in preservation of the deltoid insertion

Optimized proximal screw hole placement:

  • The divergent fixed angled locking screws are placed in the inferior half of the humeral head which is the location of the most robust bone.
  • Blunt-tipped screws limit protrusion through articular surface

Patented Dualtec System I® polyaxial locking fixation:

  • Variable angle technology for 25° (±12.5°)
  • Allows for repeated insertion and re-angulations of the screw without sacrificing its strength

Unique suture holes for soft tissue fixation:

  • Accessible even after plate attachment, so pre-loading sutures is not required.
  • 5 suture holes

Simple and streamlined instrumentation

  • 1 tray, 1 screw size, 1 drill bit, 1 driver

Proximal Humerus Features and Surgical Technique Animation


Alians™ Proximal Humeral Plate Surgical Technique Pearls of Wisdom with Dr. Mark Mighell


2019 Tampa Shoulder Course Proximal Humerus Fracture Live Demo with Dr. Mark Mighell

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