Easy Snap Gel Electrodes

Easy Snap Gel Electrodes  - 2x2
Easy Snap Gel Electrodes - 2x4
Easy Snap Gel Electrodes  - 2x2
Easy Snap Gel Electrodes - 2x4


Easy Snap Gel Electrodes

This electrode set is compatible with the Compex Sport Elite model. Available for connection with snap-on cables only, (not wire pin slide-on style).

Compex electrodes are used during muscle stimulation with Compex devices. The electrodes play a big part in the Compex muscle stimulation session. They are the points where the pulses are transmitted to your motor nerves, and ultimately your muscle fibers. If the Compex electrodes aren't adhering properly, the electrical pulse can't be delivered at the intensity needed to work your muscle as effectively.

A Compex electrode is coated with a hydrogel adhesive developed to stick to your skin. Not made with natural rubber latex.

You need to replace these muscle stimulation electrodes when any of the following situations arise:

  • They won't adhere to your skin
  • When the same intensity setting of the program creates less intense or uncomfortable muscle contractions
  • A build-up of lint or dust covers the surface
  • Specifications

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Measurement Quantity
11-9119 Easy Snap Gel Electrodes 2" x 2" 4 PK
11-9120 Easy Snap Gel Electrodes 2" x 4" 2 PK



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