TRT 600 - Triton DTS Traction Table

TRT 600 - Triton DTS® Spine Therapy Table
TRT 600 - Triton DTS® Spine Therapy Table


TRT 600 - Triton DTS® Traction Table

The features of the TRT 600 traction table create the platform for the Triton DTS® Spine Traction System. Together with the Triton DTS System Accessories.

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New Pelvic Tilt Section
• Inclines the pelvis from 0° to 20°, providing improved patient comfort in prone and supine positions for both manual therapy and mechanical traction
• Flattens back without having to increase traction rope angle
• Helps address pelvic asymmetry commonly noted with patients suffering low back pain
• Provides flexion of lumbar spine to improve positioning in traction

Improved Access to Cervical and Thoracic Spine
• Independently adjustable chest and arm sections assist in maintaining a neutral spine position for patient comfort and positioning
• Repositionable head section tilts 35°, allowing easy access to the thoracic and cervical spine
• Tuck-away adjustable grab bars for prone hanging traction without a thoracic restraint

Patient Stabilization
• Removable axilla posts provide additional fixation to the table, preventing slippage during supine traction
• Axilla posts can be used with QuikWrap thoracic belt to secure patient with less restraint
• Axilla posts assist patient supine or prone positioning during manual therapy

Repositionable Headpiece
• Contoured headpiece cradles the patient’s head comfortably in supine or prone position
• Tilts 35°, allowing flexion in prone position or extension in supine position

User Features
• Gas spring assist on friction-free moveable sections for easy positioning
• Lockable smooth-gliding casters
• Easily accessible controls for patient positioning
• Grab bar tucks away for improved access to the patient
• Wide cushions for improved patient comfort
• Adjustable table height from 20” – 40” (51 cm – 102 cm)

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Color
TRT600001 Triton DTS Spine Therapy Table Imperial Blue
TRT600002 Triton DTS Spine Therapy Table Black
TRT600003 Triton DTS Spine Therapy Table Burgandy
TRT600007 Triton DTS Spine Therapy Table Dove
TRT600033 Triton DTS Spine Therapy Table Midnight
TRT600061 Triton DTS Spine Therapy Table Stone Blue

Triton TRT-600 Spine Therapy Table
Mains Power: 120 V, 60 Hz
Power Input: 200W
Current : 3.3 Amps
Weight: 315 lbs (143 kg)
Table Dimensions: 80”L x 28”W x 40”H (203cm x 71cm x 102cm)
Overall Length: 105” (267cm)
Electrical Safety Class: Class 1, Type B
Safety Tests: Conforms to IEC/UL/EN
60601-1 Certified to CAN/CSA C22.2
NO. 601.1w

Triton DTS Basic Traction System Accessory Package
The inherent flexibility of the Triton DTS Basic System allows clinicians to treat a wide variety of back conditions.
Bolster Set

Triton DTS systems includes the Triton DTS Traction Unit, and our exclusive QuikWrap™ belting system.