Triton DTS Basic Traction System Accessory Package

Triton DTS Basic Traction System Accessory Package
Triton DTS Basic Traction System Accessory Package


Triton DTS® Basic Traction System Accessory Package

Triton DTS systems includes the Triton DTS Traction Unit, and our QuikWrap™ belting system. The inherent flexibility of the Triton DTS Basic System allows clinicians to treat a wide variety of back conditions.

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Triton DTS Basic System Accessory Package includes:

Triton DTS Traction Unit (not sold separately) features:

  • Fully programmable DTS pull patterns deliver pull forces that allow clinicians to utilize mechanical traction as an adjunctive therapy.
  • Isolation of all phases of pull with independent timing for pretension, progression, traction and regression
  • Variable speed control for patient comfort and increased treatment flexibility
  • Programmable pretension prior to initiation of traction therapy eases guarding and provides comfort for the patient
  • Five unique pull patterns add gradient, progressive range of motion and oscillations
  • Clinical Protocols™ for cervical and lumbar conditions
  • Memory storage for 80 user-defined protocols
  • Static, intermittent and cyclic traction options
  • Full-color clinical graphic library includes anatomical images, common pathologies and detailed belting technique tutorial
  • Digital high resolution color touch screen interface that pivots 270°
  • Patient Data Cards record relevant treatment data such as patient treatment sessions, pre- and post-treatment patient pain scales, pain mapping, and pain types

QuikWrap Belt System -Universal fit with hook and loop closure

  • Non-slip design holds patient securely and allows even distribution of anterior and posterior pull forces
  • Allows patient to be wrapped and set-up in under one minute, and treatment started in as little as two minutes

Bolster Set

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8245 Triton DTS Basic System Accessory Package



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