Iogel Disposable Electrodes


Iogel® Disposable Electrodes

Iogel, a marketing-leading electrode with features that allow for precise placement, pH stabilization, superior patient comfort and ease of filling.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Specifications
  • Elliptical Shape
    - Follows the line of the tendon
  • Clear Adhesive
    - Allows precise placement on target site
  • Three Sizes
    - Color-coded small, medium and large for easy identification
  • IOMED's® Patented Technologies
    - Provide the greatest comfort
    - Decrease set-up time
  • Silver-Silver Chloride*
    - Conducts more efficiently than carbon
    - Stabilizes pH without using chemical buffers
    - *Patented technology cross licensed with Alza Corporation, a subsidary of Johnson & Johnson
  • GelSponge®
    - Ensures complete contact between the electrode and the skin surface
    - Provides a conductive medium similar to ultrasound gel
  • EZ Fill Window™
    - Protects adhesive during hydration and handling
    - Provides no-stick handling

Ordering Information

  • Kits include one each: drug delivery electrode, disposable dispersive pad and alcohol wipe
  • 12 kits per box
Part Number Description Quantity Size
5000021 Iogel Disposable Electrodes, 1.5 cc fill 12 PK Small
5000022 Iogel Disposable Electrodes, 2.5 cc fill 12 PK Medium
5000023 Iogel Disposable Electrodes, 3.5 cc fill 12 PK Large



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