ADP 400, TTFT, TTET Traction Accessory Packages

ADP 400 Traction Accessory Package
ADP 400 Traction Accessory Package


ADP 400, TTFT, TTET Traction Accessory Packages

The ADP 400 Traction Accessory Package includes the TX Traction Unit, TX-1 Flexion Stool, Deluxe Universal Belt System and Saunders Cervical Traction Device.

Ideal for: traction therapy

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  • TX Traction Unit

    Customize traction treatments to your patients. The TX Traction Unit traction tension parameters range from 0 to 200 lbs.; set protocols for intermittent, static and cyclic traction, progressive and regressive steps, and user-defined hold, rest and treatment times. Patient Data Cards record up to 14 treatment sessions and can store up to 10 user-defined protocols. The easy-to-operate user interface has a digital monochromatic touch screen and pivots 270° for visibility from many angles.

  • TXS-1 Flexion Stool

    Increase patient comfort during traction treatment with this adjustable stool. Set the height between 13" and 20" (33 cm and 51 cm) to place your patient's lumbar spine into neutral or flexed position. Six upholstery color choices let you match traction table color.

  • Deluxe Universal Belt System

    Keep patients comfortable without cumbersome buckles and belts. The Deluxe Universal Belt System evenly distributes the A/P pull force to eliminate the slippage typical of older style traction therapy belt systems. Featuring a universal fit with hook and loop closures, the system quickly wraps and sets up to get treatment started. Includes: 1420 Thoracic Belt, 1430 Pelvic Belt and 1427 Pelvic Belt Extender

  • Saunders® Cervical Traction Unit

    This comfortable approach to cervical traction saves set-up time. This clinical unit pulls at the base of the occiput for horizontal and unilateral traction. One size fits most patients. Note: Clevis included to mount to TX® traction device.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
6874-x TX ADP 400 Traction Acccessory Package

Color Options Available

Replace x with Flexion Stool color choice
Flexion Stool Color
x = 1 = Imperial Blue
x = 2 = Black
x = 3 = Burgundy
x = 4 = Dove
x = 5 = Midnight Gray
x = 6 = Stone Blue