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RSP Monoblock™ - Exploded View

A forward-thinking reverse. The latest addition to the Reverse family.

Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis

Reverse® Shoulder Prosthesis
A forward-thinking reverse

Center of Rotation
The Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis (RSP®) was the first reverse shoulder...

Turon™ Modular Shoulder System

Dial In. The Turon™ is the first total shoulder system to incorporate the IMIN™ neck technology;


Blended to Move Orthopedic Technology Forward. An appropriately cross-linked polyethylene material, e-plus, a knee specific formula, is blended with vitamin E...

Revelation® Hip System

The Revelation® Lateral Flare® Total Hip System was designed based on a more complete understanding of hip joint biomechanics and bone morphology.

By loading...

Superior Loading. A shortened hip stem must derive stable loading from it superior regions or risk failure.

Active Confidence in Every Step. The 3DKnee is a premium high flexion total knee replacement designed after a decade of research.

Linear® Hip System

Tailored to any surgical approach. Because every approach is different and so is every hip.

X-alt™ and Biolox® delta

The Perfect balance between strength and wear.

Less wear is our strength.

Where is our strength?


FMP® Acetabular System

The FMP Acetabular System offers a comprehensive selection of shells, liners and bearing surfaces. DJO Surgical gives surgeons the options to meet the...

Foundation Knee System

The Value of Fit, the Freedom of Choice
The Foundation Knee System®, with over 17 years of successful clinical results, is the only...

Universal Adaptation
Foundation is the knee for all patients, accommodating deformities and adapting to intra-operative situations. A surgeon can construct the appropriate components...