Bionic FullStop Knee Brace 3/4 View
The Ultimate in Hinged ACL Protection
Intelect Focus Shockwave - 3/4
Greater Power & Depth for Better Treatment
Spinalogic - In Use

Combined Magnetic Field for accelerated spine fusion.

CMF SpinaLogic is a portable, battery-powered, micro-controlled, noninvasive bone growth stimulator indicated as an adjunct electromagnetic treatment...

X4 Smart Brace With Motion Intelligence
Connectivity throughout the continuum of care, with the goal of better outcomes for all.
DonJoy Performance Bionic Knee Brace
Max support for injured and recovering knees, ligament sprains/tears.
Intelect Mobile 2 RPW - 3/4
Chattanooga’s Radial Pressure Wave technology is mobile.
A22 w/o sleeve
The worlds first titanium brace.
CUBE 4 Plus - High Power Laser - 3/4 View

A non-opioid treatment for pain relief.

With the current worsening opioid epidemic, the importance of non-opioid treatment alternatives to help patients with acute and...

Vectra Neo
Vectra Neo offers multimodality versatility with 5 plug-and-play modules, offering two and four channel Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, EMG Biofeedback, EMG-Triggered Stimulation and Laser options.
DonJoy Performance Bionic Ankle Brace
60° molded stabilizer proven to reduce ankle roll and sprains.

Vectra Genisys is a modular therapy system that consolidates up to six therapeutic modalities in one system, at a fraction of what these modalities...

Vectra Genisys® Transport Laser

Vectra Genisys® Transport Laser without laser applicator.
Laser Light Therapy

Vectra Genisys Laser is an addition to the Vectra Genisys family of...