SP Walker (Short Pneumatic)

SP Walker
SP Walker
SP Walker
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SP Walker
SP Walker
SP Walker
FP SP XP Walker

SP Walker™ (Short Pneumatic)

The SP Walker™ low rocker sole promotes more natural ambulation for improved mobility while the generous foot base has ample room for dressings without sacrificing comfort. The lightweight, trimmable, semi-rigid shell has a pre-inflated anterior aircell and two adjustable aircells located at the malleoli that can be individually inflated for "total contact" fit and secure support.

Indication: Metatarsal fracture; Forefoot and midfoot injury; Acute or post-operative use; Bunionectomy; Soft tissue injury.


PDAC Assigned Code: L4360 and L4361


Aircast SP Walker Overview
Aircast SP Walker Fitting

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-inflated anterior aircell and two adjustable distal aircells provide compression and support the malleoli
  • Aircells can be individually inflated for a "total contact" fit
  • Lightweight, trimmable, semi-rigid shell protection
  • Designed to provide pneumatic support for stable fractures of the foot and ankle, severe ankle sprains, soft tissue injury, metatarsal fractures, forefoot and midfoot injury, bunionectomies and acute or post-operative use.
  • 6-month Walking Brace Quality Warranty assures the brace is free from defects in materials and workmanship and will repair or replace a defective product at no charge to customer


Ordering Information

Shoe Size (US Sizing)
Part Number Men Women Size
01A-P Up to 4 Up to 5 Pediatric
01A-S 4 - 7 5 - 8 Small
01A-M 7 - 10 8 - 11 Medium
01A-L 10 - 13 11 - 15 Large
01A-XL 13 + 15 + X-Large



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