Leg Brace

Aircast Leg Brace - On Leg
Aircast Leg Brace - On Leg

Leg Brace

Provide both functional management of stress fractures and graduated management of certain stable lower leg fractures. The semi-rigid, anatomically designed shell stabilizes and protects the leg, while the patented Duplex™ aircell system lining enhances circulation and reduces swelling. Transfer of weight-bearing load reduces causative forces of injury. Order the brace alone or add an Anterior Panel for extra tibial protection. Each brace includes a sock.

Ideal for:Stress fracture, stable fracture (graduated fracture management)

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  • Semi-rigid, anatomically designed shell

    Stabilizes and protects the leg

  • Patented Duplex™ aircell system

    Enhances circulation and reduces swelling

  • Pre-inflated patented Duplex™ aircells

    Provides additional support with easy application

  • Easily fits in shoes

    Provides early protected weight-bearing

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Leg Height Size
03CL Leg Brace Left 13" Small
03CR Leg Brace Right 13" Small
03DL Leg Brace with Anterior Panel Left 13" Small
03DR Leg Brace with Anterior Panel Right 13" Small
03AL Leg Brace Left 15.5" Standard
03AR Leg Brace Right 15.5" Standard
03BL Leg Brace with Anterior Panel Left 15.5" Standard
03BR Leg Brace with Anterior Panel Right 15.5" Standard