FP Walker (Foam Pneumatic)

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FP SP XP Walker Group


FP Walker™ (Foam Pneumatic)

Protect the limb with adjustable pneumatic compression and a lightweight, trimmable, semi-rigid shell. Two adjustable aircells within the shell provide compression and support the malleoli; includes a hand bulb.

Ideal for: Stable fractures of the foot and ankle, severe ankle sprains, soft tissue injury, metatarsal fractures, forefoot and midfoot injury, bunionectomies, acute or post-operative use


PDAC Assigned Code: L4360 and L4361

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Aircast FP Walker Overview


Aircast FP Walker Fitting

  • Two adjustable distal aircells

    Provide compression and support malleoli

  • Aircells can be individually inflated

    Hand bulb included for a "total contact" fit

  • Lightweight, semi-rigid full shell

    Protection without weight

  • 6-month Walking Brace Quality Warranty

    Ensures the brace is free from defects in materials and workmanship and will repair or replace a defective product at no charge to customer

Order Information

Shoe Size (US Sizing)
Part Number Men Women Size
01F-P Up to 4 Up to 5 Pediatric
01F-S 4 - 7 5 - 8 Small
01F-M 7 - 10 8 - 11 Medium
01F-L 10 - 13 11 - 15 Large
01F-XL 13 + 15 + X-Large



Protect the Aircast Walking Brace from the elements and keep it clean and dry while outdoors.

This easy-to-apply cover is used to provide a hygienic environment by preventing the spread of dirt, dust and germs brought from the outdoors when coming indoors, on a patients’ Walking Brace.


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