Aircast Walking Brace Weather Cover


Aircast Walking Brace Weather Cover

Protect the Aircast Walking Brace from the elements and keep it clean and dry while outdoors. Contact closures on the back ensure easy application, and the open bottom helps ambulatory patients remain sure-footed.

Ideal for: Use with all Aircast Walking Braces.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Specifications
  • Waterproof material

    Repels moisture and keeps brace dry

  • Contact closures

    Easy to apply

  • Open bottom

    Helps ambulatory patients maintain footing

  • Three sizes with Tall or Short options

    Small (fits pediatric and small); Large (fits medium and large); XLarge (fits extra-large)

Part Number Description Size Walking Brace Size
01WXT-S Tall S Ped/S
01WXT-L Tall L M/L
01WXS-S Short S Ped/S
01WXS-L Short L M/L
01WXS-XL Short XL XL



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