DynaClip® Bone Fixation System

DynaClip® Bone Fixation System
DynaClip® Bone Fixation System
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DynaClip® Bone Fixation System

The DynaClip® Bone Fixation System is designed for use in joint fusion and osteotomy procedures including Lapidus fusion, Akin osteotomy, midfoot fusion and calcaneal osteotomies.

Manufactured out of superelastic NiTiNOL, the DynaClip bone staple provides dynamic post-operative compression and reliable durability to withstand the demanding loading conditions in the foot & ankle.

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  • Durability: Able to resist implant failure (breaking) 6X longer than competitor compression staples1
  • Superior Strength: Exhibits at least 66% higher bending strength compared with competitor compression staples1
  • Dynamic Compression: 24° of bridge curvature and NiTiNOL construction allow for maximum compression to be maintained across the fusion site throughout healing
  • Low Profile: Continuous low profile across entire bridge eliminates any prominence or patient irritation
  • Consolidated Instrumentation: Fewer instruments needed to prepare and deploy the DynaClip with all instrumentation packaged in ONE sterile kit
  • Simple, Intuitive Delivery: Pre-loaded on a disposable inserter. Just select size, insert, and deploy in one quick movement
  • Procedural Versatility: DynaClip is available in 9 different sizes to accommodate forefoot, midfoot, and rearfoot fusion procedures

Design Rationale

Competitor bone staple designs have either a thin wire shape or a wide bridge with narrow legs that create stress concentrations at the weakest points of the staple under bending conditions. These localized stresses increase the likelihood for implant failure once the patient begins weight-bearing.

In contrast, the DynaClip’s innovative design features a broad, low-profile bridge and thickened legs that evenly distributes stresses across the bridge and away from the implant corners, thereby ensuring reliable long-term stability post-surgery.1

The Proof Is In The Science

Monotonic Bending Strength

When subjected to static 4-point bending, the DynaClip is at least 66% stronger compared with a competitor NiTiNOL staple across the range of size offerings.1

Bending Fatigue Strength

When subjected to cyclic 4-point bending at the same force, the DynaClip is able to resist implant failure for 6X more loading-unloading cycles compared with a competitor NiTiNOL staple across the range of size offerings.1



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