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Alternative Conservative Care Solutions

Friday - April 24th - 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals are cancelling or postponing elective surgeries, including many orthopedic procedures. This response is a protective measure required to free up resources for severely ill patients and save as many lives as possible.

While this may be frustrating, there are key non-invasive treatments that you can do at home to help manage painful symptoms until your surgery is rescheduled. DJO’s orthopedic care continuum offers alternative care solutions- and please consult your medical professional to see if they will work for you.

Cold therapy can help reduce swelling and manage pain.

  • The IceMan CLASSIC³™ cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling to speed up rehabilitation. The IceMan® helps provide extended cold therapy to aid in a variety of conditions and treatments directed by a medical professional. Consult your medical professional to see if the IceMan CLASSIC³™ cold therapy system might help manage pain symptoms prior to surgery.*
  • Chattanooga® cold packs help reduce pain and swelling in various areas of the body and can be used either post-workout or for injury management.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is an effective at-home treatment to aid pain management.

  • The Compex® LT TENS Unit is designed to help temporarily relieve pain by targeting sore or aching muscles.
ProCare ComfortFORM BackDonJoy® TriFit™ Web Knee Brace

Braces may help manage pain and help with stability until your procedure is performed.

  • Knee: Knee braces provide support around the patella and help keep you active. Whether you’re suffering from arthritis or a sports injury, DJO® offers bracing support designed for you needs.
  • Back/Spine: Back braces provide compression and lumbar support which may aid in managing spine discomfort.
  • Ankle: Ankle braces can help support your foot and ankle when moving around as well as help provide compression to reduce swelling.
  • Shoulder: Shoulder slings help keep your shoulder stable and in the proper position. The Aircast® Shoulder Cryo/Cuff™ with Cooler provides cold therapy and compression to help manage pain from shoulder arthritis.
  • Wrist: Immobilizing the wrist may help manage pressure and wearing a brace or splint, such as the AirCast® A2™ Wrist Brace or DonJoy® ComfortFORM™ Wrist Support, can help to keep the wrist in a neutral position to prevent irritation of the median nerve.

Gentle activity can help relieve stiffness and maintain mobility.

  • Light exercises and physical therapy can help with range of motion and strength in the affected joint. Learn more here.
  • If you are suffering from arthritis in your hip or knee, try to limit walking and avoid stairs as much as possible. If you have a painful shoulder, avoid heavy overhead lifting.
ProCare ComfortFORM BackDonJoy® X4™ Smart Brace With Motion Intelligence™

If you have questions about your surgery or at-home treatment, it’s important to communicate with your surgeon. Many surgeons now offer telemedicine support which can allow you to ask questions, share photos and communicate directly with your care team prior to surgery.

*WARNING: This device can be cold enough to cause serious injury. Read and understand all warnings and instructions for use before using this device. Additional warnings appear in the instructions for use.