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The first and only dual-pivot knee replicating natural motion.1,2

The unique dual-pivot kinematics of the EMPOWR 3D Knee® help recreate the stability of a healthy natural knee throughout the full ROM, from early to deep flexion, creating a more natural feeling knee and resulting in greater patient satisfaction.1,2 The data-driven design of the EMPOWR 3D Knee® is supported by a strong, 20-year clinical legacy.

Empowered by Science

The EMPOWR 3D Knee is a Data-Driven Knee design backed by numerous clinical studies.

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In designing the EMPOWR 3D knee, the team realized that healthy knees exhibit different patterns of motion depending upon the activity.

Traditional knee kinematic studies claim the knee has a medial pivot throughout the full range of motion (ROM), however, modern studies have shown the knee pivots laterally in early flexion activities such as walking, running and stair climbing (where most daily activities are performed) and then shifts to a medial pivot in deeper flexion.3

Empowering Dual-Pivot Kinematics

This fundamental shift in understanding over the past two decades, served as the catalyst for the creation of the EMPOWR 3D Knee®, making it the only total knee arthroplasty implant with a dual-pivot design.

10 degree flexion

Early Flexion

The conforming lateral compartment of the EMPOWR 3D Knee allows for a lateral pivot in activities of early flexion, replicating natural knee motion during gait. The single radius of curvature ensures consistent soft tissue tension throughout flexion.

70 degree flexion

Mid Flexion

The lateral compartment of the tibial insert is fully congruent with the femur up to 70 degrees. This combined with the 8mm anterior lip provides the patient with anterior-posterior stability and prevents paradoxical motion during mid flexion.

120 degree flexion

Deep Flexion

The articulation of the EMPOWR 3D Knee is less conforming in deep flexion, allowing the soft tissues to drive femoral rollback and natural medial pivot motion. The widened medial condyle encourages external rotation, similar to the natural knee, and aids in patellar tracking and quadriceps function during deep flexion.

Empowering Increased Patient Satisfaction

The EMPOWR 3D Knee’s Dual-Pivot pattern helps recreate the stability of a healthy knee resulting in a more natural knee feeling throughout the full ROM.

Meneghini et al. reported that Knee Society function scores were higher in TKAs with Dual-Pivot intraoperative kinematics compared to all other kinematic patterns (P=0.18), and there was a greater decrease in the proportion of patients who reported that their knee never feels normal (P=0.11).1

Sandberg et al. reported that patients with Dual-Pivot TKAs had less walking pain at their latest follow-up (P=0.022).

At minimum one-year, mean pain scores while walking on a level surface were significantly lower in dual-pivot knees (0.88) compared to traditional non-conforming knees (1.37) (p=0.022). In addition, more patients with dual-pivot TKAs reported a “more normal feeling knee” (P=0.091).2

Empowering Cementless Fixation

EMPOWR™ 3DMatrix® with HAnano® Surface

A 0.02 µm thin surface modification for implants composed of crystalline hydroxyapatite (HA) particles developed by Promimic.

  • Creates a bioactive surface for faster and stronger osseointegration.4
  • Mimics the shape, composition, and structure of human bone tissue.5
  • 1000x thinner than traditional implant coating.5
  • Catalyzes biological response by improving the hydrophilicity of the implant which facilitates absorption of body fluids.5
  • The results from more than 30 pre-clinical studies show that this surface accelerates osseointegration and enhances early bone growth.5

Empowering Longevity

The knee-specific formula of the tibial inserts and patella components are blended with vitamin E and moderately cross-linked to reduce oxidation and reduce long-term wear.6

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