X4 Smart Brace With Motion Intelligence

X4™ Smart Brace With Motion Intelligence™

The cloud-based remote patient monitoring solution.

The first knee brace for the total knee arthroplasty market that monitors in real time and enables connectivity throughout the continuum of care.

During the rehabilitation phase of reconstructive knee surgery, X4 with MI supports the knee while allowing healthcare professionals to evaluate knee joint range of motion and rehabilitation compliance. The digitally connected, app enabled X4 Smart Brace continuously records patient data and transfers it to the physician for review.

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Remote monitoring of post-op rehabilitation

Including at-home exercises, step count and activity tracking

Monitor patient compliance

and engagement by empowering at-home recovery

Enhanced Communication

Patient/physician collaboration for more connected managed care

1Motion Intelligence Sensor Hinge

  • Connects to Motion Intelligence App to track range of motion and rehabilitation progress

2Rigid Aluminum Uprights

  • Provides medial and lateral support to the knee
  • Malleable to create contour to the angle of the knee
  • Uprights can positioned to contour to the knee anatomy along midline of the knee joint

3Range of Motion Hinges

  • Adjustable range of motion control at (45°/60°/75°) Flexion and (0°/10°/20°/30°/40°) extension

4Thigh & Calf Straps

  • Universal Sizing
  • Long straps allow for fitting on a variety of leg shapes/sizes
  • Breathable Nylon & Polyester Blend Material

X4 Post-Op Knee Brace

  • Comfortable, easy to apply, wraparound design
  • Aluminum hinges deliver support, adaptability and proprioception
  • Adjustable range of motion control

MI 360 Sensor

  • Patent-pending Motion Intelligence sensor technology
  • On-demand monitoring of rehabilitation progress, activity level and compliance

Motion Intelligence App

  • Ability for physicians to manage patient compliance from anywhere
  • Intuitive, easy to use app enables remote, real time rehabilitation monitoring
  • Communication and collaboration between physician and patient
  • Ability for patients to track daily rehabilitation goals, view daily exercises and record pain levels

Physician Portal

  • Intuitive, easy to use dashboard
  • Monitoring of patient activity levels, range of motion, pain scores and more
  • Tracking of patient rehabilitation progress and protocol compliance
  • Communication with patient and ability to answer questions in real time
  • Access to EMR/PM as well as surgical site photos

Don Veale

X4 Smart Brace Patient Testimonial

X4™ Smart Brace with Motion Intelligence™ Technology

Connectivity throughout the continuum of care, with the goal of better outcomes for all.

Ordering Information

Part No Description
11-4000-0-06000 X4 KNEE BRACE, RT, UNIV, BLK
11-4001-0-06000 X4 KNEE BRACE, LT, UNIV, BLK

X4™ Knee Brace - Set Up, Pairing and Application