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When someone hands you an opportunity to stay active, you take it.

For 35 years DonJoy® has been reinventing new technologies for injury recovery and conservative care of disease state like osteoarthritis. All with keeping you in the game and in an active lifestyle.

We have done it again using three of our most advanced technologies. Introducing the OA Reaction TriFit™ Web Knee Brace, a 3-dimensional osteoarthritis knee brace constructed for a personal, custom fit to fit your lifestyle.

As a noninvasive and non-habit forming alternative to surgery and medication, TriFit is a supportive, unintimidating solution that can be incorporated into any lifestyle efficiently and comfortably.

No other brace comes close to its customization abilities.

Talk to your doctor to see if DonJoy’s TriFit OA Knee Brace may be a good option for your knee pain.

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Web Tech™

Web Technology wraps your knee in a soft and supportive web for assisted patella tracking and the shock absorption of painful forces.

As the first ever knee brace to address anterior knee pain and knee OA, TriFit’s Web Tech provides special knee extension assistance, easing your ability to walk with a comfortable and unrestricted gait. This forgiving, elastic like webbing takes this brace to the next level of snug support.

Exos® Tech

Exos Technology forms to your knee using heat customization for an intimate fit.

Part of what makes TriFit so customizable is the ability to heat and mold the thigh and calf cuffs, or edges, of the brace.

This technology is not only unique for the brace industry but also what helps make the brace uniquely yours.

In addition to its personalization abilities, TriFit uses a firm, rigid cuff-to-cuff frame to activate the Web Technology further.

Boa® Tech

The Boa® Fit System allows you to make instant micro-adjustments for a secure and custom fit.

Most simply put, Web, Exos and Boa Technologies work together as one to support you no matter your knee or needs.

TriFit™ is completely streamlined and customizable for optimum flexibility, movement and comfort.

In fact, the only thing this brace doesn’t do is get in the way of you or your activities. TriFit acts as an extension of your body, not a bulky reminder of the pain.

Thanks to the advanced 3-dimensional technology, this brace offers an intimate and custom fit, designed to help reduce joint stiffness and pain by heightening shock absorption and dampening painful force and pressure with one easy to wear, low profile solution.

TriFit™ is the next big thing in cutting-edge bracing. Never before has form, fit and remarkable function been wrapped in one low profile knee brace and engineered for everybody and every activity.

Knee Gaurantee

90 Day Test Drive - Simply fit your patients in any DonJoy knee osteoarthritis brace. If they are not 100% satisfied with the brace, you may return it for a full credit or refund within 90 days of brace fitting.

Now, there’s nothing that comes between you and the extraordinary life you’re meant to keep living.

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