DJO Surgical Launches the Exprt, a Revolutionary Revision Knee using 75% fewer instruments at a dramatically lower cost

March 20, 2015

AUSTIN, TX, March 23, 2015 – DJO Global, Inc., a global provider of medical device solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and pain management, is launching the new Exprt™ Precision System for highly proficient revision knee surgeons at this year’s Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS booth #4425) in Las Vegas, NV. In addition, surgeon and patient experiences from the first surgical cases will be presented during an educational symposium.

The Exprt System redefines total knee revision arthroplasty, providing advanced technology to experienced revision surgeons that leads to greater value and efficiency in the operating suite. Exprt’s streamlined, compact design reduces turn times, minimizes waste, and has proven implant design technology - all for 40-70% of the cost of comparable knee revision systems. A simple, comprehensive 2-tray system replaces the traditional 8-tray setup used during complex, total knee revisions, dramatically reducing prep time, eliminating unnecessary surgical steps, and allowing the precision skills of revision surgeons to truly hit the mark.

“The Exprt System offers experienced revision surgeons a toolkit that matches their skill set,” said Mike Mogul, CEO at DJO Global. “The makeup of this revision knee allows for streamlined simplicity at a dramatically lower cost.”

DJO Surgical worked closely with a select group of experienced revision surgeons who have collectively performed over 25 successful revisions with the Exprt to date. These early adopters have praised the system for its effectiveness and minimalist sophistication.

“The Exprt approach leads to efficient operations that save both time and money, while providing excellent early results,” said C. Lowry Barnes, M.D., Chairman of Orthopaedics at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. “My operating team especially appreciates the fact that only two pans of instruments are opened. I believe that I can speak for the entire Exprt design team when I say that we have met our goals in offering a high-value, high-quality revision knee system for the accomplished surgeon."

In addition to Dr. Barnes, other early adopter surgeons have touted Exprt’s unprecedented cost, which translates into an exceptionally valuable tool to manage a hospital’s orthopedic service line.

 “In today's value driven health care environment, cost effectiveness is crucial in order to provide stakeholders with a high-quality result at a reasonable cost,” said Dr. Richard Iorio, Chief of Adult Reconstructive Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center. “Putting the patient ahead of profits, the Exprt System allows skilled surgeons to provide TKA patients with a functional knee at a fraction of traditional costs.”

Initial Exprt revision knee surgeries will continue throughout the next several months. Highlight features of the Exprt System include:

  • Built in Augments
  • Single Radius Design
  • e+™ polyethylene
  • Efficient Instrumentation - Only two instrument trays for the back-table

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