dj Orthopedics, LLC Introduces OAdjuster™ Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

May 1, 2000

SAN DIEGO, CA - dj Orthopedics, LLC announces the new OAdjuster™, an off-the-shelf knee brace offering control and comfort to the osteoarthritis patient. This new brace features a Progressive Loading System, Bi-Axial hinge and DonJoy's patented "4-Points of Leverage" design, which allows for moderate to high levels of activity in patients suffering normal to severe osteoarthritis pain, according to John Martin, product manager.

"Our research revealed a specific need for a low-profile brace that would provide osteoarthritis pain relief for ligament
instabilities and post-operative rehabilitation," Martin said. "The OAdjuster's™ Progressive Loading System puts relief in patients' hands by enabling them to vary the load over time with an adjustment key. This integrated patient-controlled load adjustment and its Bi-Axial hinge allows for a double upright design to contour to the leg and still fit comfortably while applying
this load."

The OAdjuster™ uses a force applied across the center of the joint and a reaction force responds at the cuffs in the opposite direction, minimizing pressure on the affected compartment. As an accessory option for the medical professional, a load sensor is available that determines how much force the brace is applying to the joint, another DonJoy® exclusive.

For the one in six Americans who suffer from some form of arthritis and the 17 million knee OA patients, the 4-Point Dynamic Leverage System is especially important in the way it suppresses abnormal tibial drawer. The OAdjuster™ is lightweight (21 oz.) and features seven size options, creating maximum comfort and stability without migration.

dj Orthopedics debuted the OAdjuster™ at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting, March 15-17 in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center.

dj Orthopedics, LLC is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic support products. The highly regarded DonJoy® and ProCare® bracing lines represent the advanced technology and high quality standards dj Orthopedics puts into all of its products. With an extensive distribution network serving more than 50 countries, dj Orthopedics maintains a dominant presence across the globe.

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