dj Orthopedics Launches First-of-a-Kind Knee Guarantee Program

April 13, 2001

Consumers wearing flagship Defiance® brace guarded against re-injury

SAN DIEGO - dj Orthopedics, LLC, the worldwide leader in orthopedic devices, today introduced the world's first and only Knee Guarantee program for its flagship functional brace, the top selling Defiance. The program was developed to convey dj Orthopedics' commitment to rehabilitation and confidence that the Defiance brace and its patented 4-Points-of-Leverage™ will prevent a re-ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), according to Brian Moore, product manager for dj Orthopedics.

"dj Orthopedics is putting its money where its brace is," said Moore. "We stand behind our Defiance brace and guarantee our patients will not re-injure their ACL while wearing the brace as prescribed."

The Knee Guarantee program covers a patient's insurance deductible up to $1000 should an ACL re-injury occur while wearing the Defiance brace and uninsured patients will receive $1000 towards surgery.

"dj Orthopedics has supported our team athletes for years and we have seen the Defiance brace continue to perform even under the most extreme conditions. Many athletes wear the brace in competition to help protect against re-injury," said U.S. Ski Team physician, Dr. Tom Rosenberg. "The Knee Guarantee is legitimate and representative of the company's high standards of quality, durability and performance."

dj Ortho's signature Defiance® brace is well suited for supporting knee injuries, and can also be utilized for osteoarthritis and prophylactic bracing. Its carbon fiber construction provides lightweight custom fit while the patented 4-Points-of-Leverage system works to reduce instability and strain of the ACL.

dj Orthopedics, LLC is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic devices. The highly regarded DonJoy® and ProCare® bracing lines represent the advanced technology and high quality standards dj Orthopedics puts into all of its products. With an extensive distribution network serving more than 50 countries, dj Orthopedics maintains a substantial presence across the globe. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Joanne Licausi at (619) 234-0345 or via email at licausi[at]formulaPR[dot]com. For additional information regarding the rules and regulations regarding dj Orthopedics' Knee Guarantee please call Brian Moore at (800) 321-9549 or after May 1, 2001 visit

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