dj Orthopedics Introduces New Diabetic Walker Boots for Pre-Ulcerative and Ulcerative Foot Conditions Related to Diabetes

January 10, 2003

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 10, 2003--dj Orthopedics Inc. (NYSE:DJO), a designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and services for the orthopedic sports medicine market, today introduced the DonJoy and ProCare line of walker boots designed for patients suffering from pre-ulcerative and ulcerative foot conditions, primarily related to complications from

These new products are now available to primary care givers, including endocrinologists, podiatrists, foot and ankle surgeons and orthotists and prosthetists.

"The DonJoy and ProCare brand names have become synonymous with helping people maintain active lifestyles, whether they proactively brace for sports, require rehabilitation from knee injuries or suffer from diseases such as osteoarthritis and diabetes," said Les Cross, dj Orthopedics' president and CEO. "We look forward to 2003 as we accelerate the pace of our technology development and product introductions."

In the United States, approximately 17 million people suffer from diabetes. Complications from diabetes can lead to a condition called neuropathy or severe nerve damage in the legs. With the lack of sensation, foot injuries are common in diabetics, with approximately 70 percent of diabetic foot ulcers developing as a result of minor foot trauma, compounded by reduced blood circulation in the legs and feet. Foot ulcers most often occur on the ball of the foot or on the bottom of the large toe. Foot ulcers precede approximately 85 percent of all diabetes-related foot amputations, with some 54,000 people undergoing amputations each year. The diabetic foot walker market is estimated to be $6 million, with an annual growth rate of 10 percent.

The new walker boots are a more convenient and hygienic replacement for total contact casting as a treatment for pre-ulcerative and ulcerative conditions of the plantar surface of the foot, most often related to complications from diabetes. The walker boots are designed to promote tissue repair by providing optimal off-loading of mechanical pressure on the plantar surface of the foot. Other indications that benefit from even distribution of the body's weight on the plantar surface of the foot
include Plantar Fasciitis.

Other features include a removable foam insole for daily cleaning, a breathable liner to protect delicate tissue, an inner bootie to maintain proper foot position relative to the insole to help prevent shear and malleable boot uprights to allow contouring for proper fit.

dj Orthopedics is a global orthopedic sports medicine company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of products and services that repair, regenerate and rehabilitate soft tissue and bone, help protect against injury, and treat osteoarthritis of the knee. Its broad range of over 600 existing products, many of which are based on proprietary technologies, includes rigid knee braces, soft goods, specialty and other complementary orthopedic products and its recently introduced line of surgical products. These products provide solutions for patients and orthopedic sports medicine professionals throughout the patient's continuum of care. For more information, please visit the company's Web site at

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