dj Orthopedics Introduces First-in-Industry

March 20, 2001

New system utilizes hand-held device to facilitate patient compliance and motivation

SAN DIEGO - dj Orthopedics, LLC, the worldwide leader in orthopedic support products, announces the introduction of its revolutionary DonJoy Vista™ Rehab System, the first and only system using a unique hand-held patient device to monitor home rehab exercise programs and assist clinicians and patients in assessing individual rehabilitation, according to Marjorie
Rowland, product manager for dj Orthopedics.

"Cost containment, low reimbursement and limited patient visits have created pressure for surgeons and physical therapists to
work smarter," said Rowland. "We developed the DonJoy Vista System to enable clinicians to prescribe, demonstrate and monitor treatment programs while providing the patient visual motivational feedback. The result is increased guidance for patients and greater compliance with rehabilitation requirements."

The DonJoy Vista™ Rehab System is comprised of three main components to provide continuous motivation to patients and accurate documentation for patient records: customized clinician software, a hand-held patient device and an instrumented telescoping post-op brace.

Customized clinician software allows surgeons or physical therapists to create individual exercise programs from a menu of twenty-eight exercises with interactive text and graphic representation. Once the clinician has established the home exercise program it is transferred to the unique hand-held patient device; the patient can immediately view their prescribed rehab program.

Patients are guided through each prescribed exercise with onscreen visual cues and feedback on the device. The graphics
instruct the patient on correct position, pace and brace settings while providing biofeedback to maximize performance. The instrumented telescoping brace is equipped with the latest sensor technology measuring range-of-motion (ROM) and load while reporting data to the hand-held patient device during exercises. The state-of-the-art post-op brace provides protected ROM for
movements, which allows the clinician or lock the brace at a specific angle for patient exercise protocols, while the telescoping feature accommodates a wide range of leg sizes and lengths without the use of tools. dj Orthopedics, LLC is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic support products. The highly regarded DonJoy® and ProCare® bracing lines represent the advanced technology and high quality standards dj Orthopedics puts into all of its products. With an extensive distribution network serving more than 50 countries, dj Orthopedics maintains a dominant presence across the globe. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Joanne Licausi at (619) 234-0345 or via email at licausi[at]formulaPR[dot]com.

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