dj Orthopedics Debuts DonJoy Vista™ Rehab System and Telescoping Bars at American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Meeting

February 28, 2001

SAN DIEGO - dj Orthopedics, LLC will introduce a new "smart" rehab system and pioneering additions to several signature products at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting, February 28 - March 4 in San Francisco. The DonJoy Vista™ Rehab System, an industry first, and "no tools required" telescoping bars for the post-operative
bracing line will debut at AAOS, located at the Moscone Convention Center. The new DonJoy® products will be showcased with dj Orthopedics' popular Defiance® knee brace, off-the-shelf OAdjuster™ and the innovative PainBuster™ Pain Management System, according to Margaret Sheehan, marketing director.

"dj Orthopedics has a wide range of product offerings for the meeting this year that stem from our commitment to research and innovation," said Sheehan. "The DonJoy Vista and easy-to-use telescoping bars on our post-op bracing line were created in response to the needs of our clinicians and patients. By exploring new technologies and listening to our customers we uphold our promise to 'Never Stop Getting Better.' "

The groundbreaking DonJoy Vista™ Rehab System is the first and only system to monitor home rehab exercise programs and assist clinicians and patients in assessing individual rehabilitation. The post-operative rehabilitation system facilitates the progression of patient recovery in a home or clinical setting by motivating patients through continuous feedback and recorded home exercise sessions. The system maximizes user benefits of prescribed protocols following most knee surgeries and provides greater compliance with rehabilitation requirements.

Another new product that will be introduced at AAOS is the low profile and easy-to-use telescoping bars that have been added to the DonJoy® post operative line, including the leading TROM™ (Total Range of Motion) post-op braces. With the push of a button, the new slim design allows for easy adjustment of the bar length to custom fit the patient. The TROM™ post-op brace, the first brace with the telescoping bars, has an innovative, easy-to-use hinge that can adjust the range-of-motion with the click of a button.

Also at AAOS, dj Orthopedics will be exhibiting the OAdjuster™ off-the-shelf brace for moderate to severe osteoarthritis that truly caters to patients' needs. With its Progressive Loading System, the OAdjuster™ enables patients to vary the load themselves with an adjustment key. The PainBuster™ pain management system, another key product for dj Orthopedics,
administers a continuous infusion of a non-narcotic, local anesthetic directly into a wound site, easing patient pain and potentially reducing rehabilitation time and medical costs.

Representatives from dj Orthopedics - including Marjorie Rowland, marketing manager for the DonJoy Vista™ Rehab System, and Kathy Bubien, product manager for the telescoping bars - will be available for media interviews at Booth #815 during the AAOS meeting, February 28 - March 4, at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

dj Orthopedics, LLC is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic support products. The highly regarded DonJoy® and ProCare® bracing lines represent the advanced technology and high quality standards dj Orthopedics puts into all of its products. With an extensive distribution network serving more than 50 countries, dj Orthopedics maintains a dominant presence across the globe. For more information or to schedule an interview at AAOS, please contact Joanne Licausi at (619) 234-0345 or via email at licausi[at]formulaPR[dot]com.

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