R&D Overview

We bring to the market about thirty new product lines every year. Take a deeper look at some recent product releases and some of the lean DJO Global R&D processes that allow world-class development of all of our product lines.

Innovation is a driving force behind all of our DJO Global product lines and service offerings. Our product development staff continually seek to provide better solutions to address our numerous and widely varying customer needs. It takes a lot of talented people using the latest available technologies and lean development processes to compete in today’s markets; at DJO Global we are proud to share with you some of these processes and results.

Turon Modular Shoulder System

The Turon™ is the first total shoulder system to incorporate the IMIN™ neck technology; a patented clocking feature which provides the ability to dial in the correct neck position to restore individual patient anatomy with increased precision compared to a fixed neck only design, thus providing optimum joint stability and range of motion, without compromising implant fixation.

  • Dial in to Motion – The Turon modular total shoulder stem is designed to help surgeons dial in to restore patient anatomy, optimize joint stability, and improve range of motion.
  • Adaptability Allowing for Variability – The modular humeral necks feature a double Morse tape design and a patented clocking feature to dial in the correct neck position and humeral head tilt to adjust to varying patient humeral neck anatomies. This, combined with neutral and eccentric humeral head sizing options, helps achieve the best implant fit with the optimal neck position and offset.
  • Flexibility with Ease – The Turon shoulder features a wide variety of intra-operative humeral stem, neck, head and glenoid options designed to suit different patient demands and to address most surgeries without the complexity of instrumentation.
  • Fixation – The Turon Shoulder features a tapered proximal body, anterior and posterior fins, in addition to, a proximal plasma spray finish to provide a locking and rotationally stable metaphyseal fit.
  • Reduced Proximal Lateral Design – The proximal lateral shoulder of the Turon humeral stem is reduced, which preserves bone, avoids tuberosity interference, and facilitates implantation.
  • Reduced Stem Geometry – The Turon shoulder has a reduced stem length design that preserves bone and reduces the risk of distal fractures.

Compex Wireless (currently Int’l only)

COMPEX Wireless: the ultimate electro muscle stimulator with ‘No Limits’ in time and places of use, in frequency, in performance, in online support and with contemporary design. It offers e-stim users true freedom of movement and optimal ease-of-use. The COMPEX Wireless acts as a true coach with a training web interface offering an unlimited number of standard and personalized objectives. Never before have we developed a device that meets your needs at such a high level.

DonJoy OA FullForce

DonJoy’s lightest OA knee brace off-loads the affected compartment of the knee while reducing ligament strain, allowing active patients to go more miles with less pain. The pain of early OA can get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Keep your patients moving and strong and help prolong the degenerative process of OA.

  • 3-Point Off-Loading mechanically shifts the painful joint loads from the degenerative compartment to the healthy compartment, while the hinge allows the ability to fine-tune the load.
  • 4-Points-of-Leverage is clinically shown to reduce ACL strain by keeping the knee in a stable position to minimize further cartilage damage.
  • DonJoy’s lightest OA frame provides a snug comfortable fit, allowing maximum knee function.