Outpatient Arthroplasty Risk Assessment

A validated, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary algorithm for risk stratification and patient assessment*

  • Evaluates 9 co-morbidity cohorts via a series of questions to assess patient health
  • Quantifies post operative complication rates
  • Establishes surgeon / patient confidence levels
  • Electronic, paperless, outpatient risk assessment

Unmatched Experience & Expertise:

  • Extensive payor coverage with 1200 contracts • Over 1 million DME claims billed annually
  • Over 30 years of DME experience
  • More than 3000 locations nationwide
OARA Score
* Meneghini, R. Michael, et al. “Safe selection of outpatient joint arthroplasty patients with medical risk stratification: the “outpatient arthroplasty risk assessment score”.” The Journal of arthroplasty 32, no. 8 (2017): 2325-2331