Maximizing TKA Efficiency in the Post-COVID Era with Cementless Fixation

May 13, 2020
7:00pm to 8:00pm

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Join Dr. John Meding and Dr. Michael Meneghini as they discuss the advantages and benefits of utilizing cementless TKA to maximize efficiency. Regardless of performing surgery in the hospital or the outpatient setting, surgical efficiency will be paramount as we enter the post-COVID era of knee arthroplasty. Though increased efficiency is a natural product and highlight of cementless fixation, Drs. Meding and Meneghini will also be addressing the other aspects including outcomes, the evolution of biomaterials and critical factors for success such as patient selection, implant design and surgical technique.


John B. Meding, MD
Center For Hip & Knee Surgery – Mooresville, IN

Dr. Michael Meneghini
Director, Indiana University Health, Hip & Knee Center

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