Medical Education

DJO® offers a variety of robust Medical Education Programs that are designed to meet the needs of a broad array of Health Care Professionals (HCPs). These innovative educational programs offer HCPs from all over the globe unique, interactive, and customizable learning opportunities for total joint replacement. Through Medical Education, we aim to provide HCPs with the necessary tools and latest technologies needed to enhance their surgical skills knowledge, stay up to date on the latest trends and advancements in orthopaedics, and improve patient care and outcomes.

For more information regarding DJO Surgical’s Medical Education Programs, please contact: SurgicalMedEd[at]djoglobal[dot]com

Hip & Knee

Advanced Direct Anterior Personalized Training (ADAPT) Phase One:

Didactic & Surgical Skills Introduction

  • June 21-22
  • Las Vegas, NV

Ahead of the Curve:

Inside the Outpatient Programs and Technologies of Modern TKA and THA

  • October 4-5
  • Las Vegas, NV


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