World class products are made and delivered by world class talent. We are proud of DJO’s employees and believe in our employees' abilities to continually drive the company forward. To be a part of the DJO team is to be part of something that is unique and meaningful.

DJO is a company that acts with the highest level of integrity. Everything from our quality manufacturing to our excellent customer service supports this philosophy. We believe in fair treatment, open communications, personal accountability and mutual trust and respect.  We work hard, we care about one another, and we care about our company. We care that we are doing something to make people's lives better. 

We at DJO believe that our employees are the cornerstone of our success. DJO makes every effort to increase employee involvement and participation. Several programs in particular exemplify this commitment. Specifically:

Team In Training: DJO employees signed up to be part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training program to get prepared to run in the Rock & Roll marathon, Lake Tahoe Century Bike Ride, and Wild Flower Triathlon events.  Through direct sponsorship, employee BBQ fundraisers, cell phone recycling programs, and donations, DJO employees have raised over $75,000.

United Way: We at DJO have the opportunity to make a difference in each of our local communities. United Way has made great progress in creating measurable and lasting change for those less fortunate. As a long time United Way supporter, DJO is proud of our ongoing relationship and the opportunity it provides us to better our communities.

Annual Golf Classic/Gala: DJO holds an annual gala and golf tournament to benefit the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and has raised over one million dollars in total donations to the MCSF since 2005.

Bring Your Child to Work Day: Each year, DJO invites employees to bring their children aged 8-15 to enjoy a fun day of learning and appreciating their parent’s other family…the DJO family. Children get to tour the office and learn about DJO through fun and interactive activities presented by volunteers from each of the company’s departments. The children always have a great time and the event helps employees bridge the work/life gap and share the pride they have for DJO with their children.

We listen to our employees by having an open door policy at all levels of management, through focus groups, town hall meetings and surveys. Suggestion boxes are also located throughout the DJO facilities to encourage employees to make suggestions on how to improve our company. After suggestions are collected they are evaluated by the human resources department and any company experts in the area of concern and then a follow up email is sent out to all employees providing feedback. We want to determine solutions for increasing employee satisfaction and retention, and to improve internal processes. We endeavor to be world class at everything we do at DJO.  

At DJO, we are committed to the highest standards of inclusiveness and a culture that encourages leadership and offers equal growth opportunities for all employees. We provide a rewarding and team-oriented environment where a diverse group of professionals with integrity and vision work continuously to enhance our position as a global market leader. In responding to a diverse marketplace, we are committed to our customer base, products, suppliers, communities and employees to create a multicultural and diverse organization.  

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