We promote diversity and mutual respect among our employees

It takes a diversity of knowledge and skills to be the global provider of orthopedic devices.  At DJO, we gain strength from our diversity. Our mix of talents, viewpoints and experiences lead us to think better and create more.

Our approach emphasizes ideas and innovation and we not only respect differences in culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, race, national origin and disability but we rely on those differences to help us grow – both as a corporation and as people.

Our training initiatives and company events support our diversity values

DJO’s mandatory compliance, ethics and diversity on-line training provides a wealth of information and education that promotes a more productive and inclusive work environment. Our Code of Conduct further supports our values of integrity, honesty and “Doing the Right Thing”.

DJO recognizes and celebrates diversity through our company activities.  In addition to recognizing cultural history months, DJO holds an annual Diversity Day where food, literature, music, clothing and art from around the world are shared with all employees to promote understanding, foster learning and encourage open-mindedness.

DJO recognizes the value that different perspectives bring to our business. We are proud that women represent more than 55% of our workforce and that 21% of those are members of our management staff.

We support diversity in our communities

We believe in giving back to the communities we serve, including relationships with key organizations representing diverse backgrounds. We also participate in conferences and career fairs, advertise in publications and sponsor many annual events and activities. Some of these include:

  • Recruit from State job boards (such as CalJobs) 
  • Recruit from Diverse Careers
  • Support the American Red Cross
  • Organize volunteer programs to refurbish local homes
  • Organize annual toy and food drives for local charities
  • Post on EDD job boards
  • Support the United Way
  • Support local Boys & Girls Clubs