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Hybresis Iontophoresis System

Hybresis® Iontophoresis System

The Hybresis System delivers charged water-soluble drugs and other ionic substances across intact skin and consists of three components: a Charging Station, rechargeable Controller(s) and disposable Patch(es).

The Hybresis System is designed to provide the following three treatment options:

  • Hybresis Treatment - The Controller delivers current at 3mA to the Patch for three minutes for a Skin Conductivity Enhancement (SCE), followed by the patient wearing the Patch for approximately one to two hours, resulting in a 40-80 mA-minute treatment, respectively.
  • Standard Treatment - The Controller delivers current at 2, 3 or 4 mA to the Patch for 10-20 minutes, resulting in a 40 mA-minute treatment. For an 80 mA-minute treatment, repeat the treatment.
  • Patch-Only Treatment - The Patch delivers low level current over 2-4 hours, resulting in an approximate 40-80 mA-minute treatment respectively.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast and Easy to Use: Just click on the Dose Controller and press start. The wireless controller does the rest when doing Hybresis mode.
  • Shorter Treatments: A three-minute Skin Conductivity Enhancement breaks the skins resistance, allowing an accurate 80 mA dose in only two-hours.
  • Great for Travel: Dose Controller performs multiple treatments between charges. After the three-minute Skin Conductivity Enhancement phase, players get back to daily activities and you get to the next patient.
  • Enhanced treatment delivery and shorter patch wear times
  • Flexibility through the proprietary Hybresis (hybrid), Standard, and Patch-only treatment modes
  • 3-minute Skin Conductivity Enhancement ensures predictable dosage
  • One- to two-hour wear time to complete a 40 to 80 mA-minute treatment
  • Bolus and maintenance dosage in one treatment
  • Needle-free pain treatment
  • Mobility and convenience of a patch


Ordering Information

Sold Individually

Part Number Description Quantity
199586-001 Hybresis Charging Station 1 PK
199587-001 Hybresis Dose Controller 1 PK
199589-001 Hybresis Patch 6 PK


Part Number Description Quantity
700728-001 Needle-Free Vial Vent 1 PK


Clinical Applicaton

1. Fill the patch

Treatment begins with the drug pads on the Patch being filled.

2. Apply the Patch

The Patch is placed on the approiate treatment site for the patient.

3. Turn on the Dose Controller

The ON button on the dose controller is pressed. The green Hybresis light illuminates.

4. Attach the Dose Controller

The dose controller is attached to the Patch.

5. Press Start

Treatment begins by pushing the START button on the Dose Controller.

6. Skin Conductivity Enhancement

The Dose Controller powers a 3-minute Skin Conductivity Enhancement to initiate the propertiety Hybresis mode.

7. Remove Dose Controller

After the skin Conductivity Enhancement the dose controller is removed from the patch.


Iontophoresis is a clinically proven, noninvasive method of active transdermal drug delivery. Iontophoresis is virtually painless; treatments can be performed in only a few minutes; and it directly treats the pain site without the disadvantages of injections or orally administered drugs.

With three treatment modes in one patch, Hybresis combines the precise dosing of traditional dose controllers with the convenience of patch-only treatments. The Hybresis mode initiates a session of Skin Conductivity Enhancement that reduces wear times — allowing patients to move on to other physical therapy activities or leave the clinic.

Traditional Dose Controller and Lead Wires

The lead wires and cumbersome connections of traditional dose controllers are eliminated with the Hybresis wireless technology. It allows the Dose Controller to be mounted directly on the Patch — providing setup that is quick, easy, and efficient.

Traditional Patch-Only

The lead wires and cumbersome connections of traditional dose controllers are eliminated with the Hybresis wireless technology. It allows the Dose Controller to be mounted directly on the Patch — providing setup that is quick, easy, and efficient.



Charging Station

The Hybresis Charging Station is easy to use — just click in and power up. Simply remove a wireless Dose Controller whenever a Patch requires activation.

Technical Specs

Simultaneously charges and stores up to four Hybresis Controllers

Voltage Requirement: 100-240 VDC @ 50-60 Hz
Current Requirement: 0.125 A maximum
Dimensions: 8.5 cm H x 15 cm W x 12.5 cm L

Dose Controller

The Dose Controller provides power to the Patch in just three minutes. Attach the Dose Controller to the Patch to begin the Skin Conductivity Enhancement — preparing the area for effective treatment

Technical Specs

Solid state, microprocessor-controlled device that delivers low-level electrical current. Connects to the Battery Pack on the Patch for Hybresis and Standard treatments

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion, 3.7 VDC Nominal, 230 mA-hour
Dimensions: 5.5 cm H x 4.5 cm W x 1.5 cm L
Dose Range: 0 to 40 mA-minute
Controller Capacity: Approximately 200 mA-minutes when fully charged
Maximum Voltage: 70 VDC
Maximum Current: 4 mA
Current Ramp Up: 0.1 mA-second
Current Ramp Down: 0.5 mA-second


After three minutes, the Patch is powered to finish the treatment. Just remove the Dose Controller and let patients move on to other physical therapy activities or leave the clinic. Once the treatment is complete, usually in one to two hours, patients should remove the Patch and discard it.

Technical Specs

Disposable, single-use Patch with internal batteries and current-limiting circuitry. Delivers negatively and positively charged water-soluble compounds.

Two drug pads — one positive, one negative
Each drug pad has a ~1.5 mL fill volume

Battery: Two 3-Volt batteries. Provides Hybresis, Standard and Patch-only treatments.




I work with the Emory Occupational Injury Management Physical Therapy Department. I have too many stories to tell. This is a great device. It allows for a fast distribution of the medicine that the employee can walk away with after charging up the patch. I see many nurses, physicians and Emory University employees that have such limited time & this reduces the need to spend more time in the clinic. One of the nurse case managers in our office had residual knee pain after a total knee replacement and recently she had left rotator cuff symptoms. I did one treatment of the hybresis treatment at the knee & her edema and pain resolved & did not return. I did the hybresis treatment at the left rotator cuff insertion. She called me on her way home that night very thrilled. Sher stated she forgot what it felt like to have not pain. She was able to sleep better. Her pain reduced significantly. Last year we discharged 333 employees with work related injuries. 90%( 300 pts.) of the employees returned to work full duty and 64%(212 employees) required only 1-5 visits of physical therapy. Our physical therapy results have been very successful with aggressive physical therapy and use of modalities like the hybresis unit. Thanks for helping to expedite the employees sucessful rehabilitation! ”

~ Kathleen Norris, PT, Emory Occupational Inj. Mangement PT Dept.

On more than one occasion, the introduction of the Hybresis patch was successfully used to treat peroneal tendonitis. I work with high level gymnasts and amongst other injuries,  peroneal tendonitis is often an annoying and frustrating pain that limits activity. The old method of iontophoresis delievery was less effective because of the poor contouring of the application electrodes. The Hybresis patch works great and conforms to the tissue very well. ”

~ Scott Sall, PT, TherapySouth

My Hybresis success story is simple: the system is easy to set up, the patch is comfortable for patients to wear, and IT WORKS. Long-duration patches have left patients with skin irritation and the traditional forms of iontophoresis were often uncomfortable for patients and time consuming. The Hybresis system has been a welcome addition to our clinic. ”

~ Chris Magil, DPT, Duanesburg Physical Therapy

I have a patient who is very active. He has been running marathons and competing at Iron Man Triatholons for years. As a result, we have been treating him for many conditions over the years. Recently, he developed trochanteric bursitis. We tried our traditional treatments, but nothing seemed to breakthrough for us. Until we tried iontophoresis using Hybresis. We were able to get significant results in just 3 visits and allow him to run a marathon in near personal best time. I certainly will use Hybresis again and again in the future to help my patients stay active, get better, and return to full function. ”

~ Barton Bishop, DPT, SCS, CKTP, CSCS, Sport and Spine Rehab

Hybresis has helped expedite patient rehabilitation by increasing our productivity with its ease of use and ability to treat patient in just a few quick minutes. We have experienced great results by using as an adjunct to patients with tennis elbow. ”

~ Dan Connors , PT, JumpStart Physical Therapy and Sports Training

The Hybresis units have maximized our delivery of care to the patient. Hybresis has set the bar in ionto delevery. Our working clients can get back to their day and not waste productive time away from work. Thanks Hybresis. ”

~ Darrel Martin, MS PT, ATC, Proactive Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

We are having great success with this product. Shorter time in clinic + longer delivery time outside of clinic = better results! We are able to use valuable clinic time on other things such as manual PT and send the patient home with their Iontophoresis patch. Great Product! ”

~ Todd Smith, PT, ProActive Physical Therapy and SportsMedicine