DJO Global is exiting the Empi business. The last day to purchase Empi products is Dec. 18, 2015. Please click here for answers to your questions, access cross-reference materials to ease the transition and to explore options to meet your product needs going forward.

Empi Electrodes and Accessories

Empi Electrodes and Accessories

Empi Electrodes and Accessories

All Empi supplies and accessories offer superior quality and compatibility and performance with Empi electrotherapy devices. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) devices require additional supplies and accessories to make a complete electrotherapy system. View the PDF to preview the wide selection of these supplies and accessories designed to meet the needs of clinicians and patients.

Empi electrodes are not available in our online store. If you are currently a patient who receives supply order calls from Empi, you will continue to receive regular calls.  If you have a prescription for an Empi electrotherapy device and do not receive calls from Empi and you wish to to purchase electrodes:

Orders for Empi electrodes or accessories may be placed via phone, fax or mail through the Empi Patient Services Department.

By Phone
Contact a Patient Services Representative at:
800.328.2536 or 651.415.9000

By Fax
Faxed orders may be sent to a Patient Services Representative at: 800.450.3593

By Mail
Written orders may be sent to:
Attn: Order Department
PO Box 64640, St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-9856


Supplies and Accessories Include:
Electrodes:  Conductive pads applied to the patient's skin. Available as reusable and single-use.

Premium Electrodes: utilize a pure silver conductive layer, providing the most comfortable stimulation and even current distribution, along with the ability to conform to various treatment sites.

Carbon Foam Electrodes: Flexible foam backing for maximum comfort

Carbon Cloth Electrode: provide the needed flexibility to conform to body surfaces

Specialty Electrodes:

  • Blue Gel Sensitive Skin Pads: Ideal for patients with sensitive skin
  • Low Back Electrodes: Unique design for treating the lower back
  • Conductive Wrap: Provides perfect electrode placement
  • Multi-Day Single: Use Electrodes:
  • SnapEase®: Designed for localized stimulation
  • ComfortEase® Multi-Day Electrode: Durable adhesive ideal for active patients
  • Post-operative: For pain management after surgery
  • Neuroaid:  Formulated for use in high heat and humidity

Skin Care Products: Play a vital role in maintaining healthy skin during electrotherapy.

Other Accessories:

  • Lead wires - Connects the electrode to the device. The electrical impulse passes from the device through the lead wire and is then dispersed to the patient through the electrode.
  • Batteries and chargers - Provide the electrical output in TENS and NMES devices.


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