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The Performance US muscle stimulator is recommended for the fitness enthusiast and/or the athlete which engages in frequent competition. It features a total of five programs with five levels of progression to help competitive athletes achieve their goals. With Performance US, the training program can be tailored to suit the needs of the athlete.

Five Training Programs:

  • Endurance - This program is designed to activate the aerobic metabolism muscle fibers during the session. Program helps to establish or improve basic muscle endurance and is designed to increase the average intensity of muscle effort over that must be maintained over a long period of time.
  • Resistance - Designed to activate the anaerobic metabolism of the muscle, this program helps increase the time a muscle can maintain a higher work level. It is designed for sporting activities, which are characterized by a need for intense efforts to be maintained or repeated to approach the limit of muscle exhaustion.
  • Strength - Designed to help increase strength by imposing a high and instantaneous power working level on the muscles. It is specifically designed for sports characterized by a need for maximum but very brief strength contractions lasting 5-60s
  • Training Recovery (Active Recovery) - Produces a muscle twitch at a low frequency. Increases local blood flow, leading to a faster reduction of lactic acid than mere rest, promotes muscle relaxation and helps enable a faster recovery.
  • Pre-Warmup - Produces a muscle twitch. Runs at a low frequency and increases local blood flow, warming the muscle tissue, and increase reaction of the muscles prior to a workout or competition.

The Performance US Kit includes: Performance US Muscle Stimulator, Battery Charger, CD with User Manual, Electrode Placement Guidebook, Carrying Case, Easy Snap Electrode Leadwires, 2"x4" Easy Snap Gel Electrodes and 2"x2" Easy Snap Gel Electrodes.


Ordering Information

Part Number Description
11-2139 Performance US Muscle Stimulator Kit


Part Number Description Measurement Quantity
25-941210 Battery Pack n/a 1 PK
25-683016 Charger n/a 1 PK
25-601131 Snap-On Wire Cables n/a 4 PK
11-9119 Easy Snap Electrode Set 2" x 2" 4 PK
11-9120 Easy Snap Electrode Set 2" x 4" 2 PK



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