Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator

Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator
Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator

Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, fitness enthusiast, a weekend warrior, a stay at home mom or aging adult, the Compex Edge can help you to achieve optimum health and fitness.

When combined with your existing fitness routine, the Compex Edge enables you to target your training and recruit more muscle fiber to help achieve your fitness goals — providing a more efficient workout regimen, with less risk of injury to joints and tendons, and virtually no cardiovascular fatigue. Whether used for sports training, fitness workouts, muscle development, massage, recovery or a warm-up, Compex can enhance your muscle performance.

The Compex Edge features the following 3 programs:

  • Resistance - Designed to activate the anaerobic metabolism of the muscle, this program helps increase the time a muscle can maintain a higher work level. It is designed for sporting activities, which are characterized by a need for intense efforts to be maintained or repeated to approach the limit of muscle exhaustion.
  • Training Recovery (Active Recovery) - Produces a muscle twitch at a low frequency. Increases local blood flow, leading to a faster reduction of lactic acid than mere rest, promotes muscle relaxation and helps enable a faster recovery.
  • Endurance - This program is designed to activate the aerobic metabolism muscle fibers during the session. Program helps to establish or improve basic muscle endurance and is designed to increase the average intensity of muscle effort over that must be maintained over a long period of time.

Features & Benefits

  • Tone Muscles
  • Build Muscle Strength and Size
  • Increase Local Blood Circulation
  • Decrease Recovery Time and Reduce Muscle Soreness
  • Clear lactic acid


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11-2142 Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator


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