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A pathway to regaining natural motion and a healthier lifestyle


THE DJO GLOBAL SOLUTION? PRESCRIBE MOTION. Patients experiencing pain may be less inclined to be physically active. Without motion, the risk of health decline increases as may the overall cost of healthcare. Over time, degeneration may accelerate to the degree where surgery is the only option. MotionCARE provides education and guidance along the patient’s pathway to care, to help patients restore motion and improve their lives by addressing four common areas; pain, alignment, strength and stability. Motion is Medicine encourages patients to select treatment options which optimize activity level, therby decreasing their risk for diabetes, heart disease and other conditions associated with low levels of physical activity.

Four common relief points


pain relief


Alleviate short and long term pain to help you get moving. Unaddressed pain can lead to inactivity. Treatments options such as bracing and TENS devices may help control pain and allow you to be active.



Align your body to allow for efficient body movement. As pain worsens the body changes and may become unbalanced. Braces can help correct the alignment of the body and allow balanced movement.



The body compensates in order to avoid pain. Strengthen key muscle groups to improve functional performance. Weakness in the muscles may lead to pain and stress on the joints. Muscle stimulation (NMES) devices focus on strengthening the muscles and can lead to improved function.



Stability issues can result from injury in addition to OA. Gain confidence to move freely. Stability issues can result from injury or pain. Braces provide physical support and reduce feelings of instability.

MotionCARE puts Motion is Medicine into action

MotionCARE is a protocol driven approach to either conservative care or pre and post surgical care utilizing evidence based products to address Pain, Alignment, Strength and Stability.