Sustainability Report

DJO Global has been on its “lean” journey since 2000 and its “green and sustainability” journey since 2007. The goal of this 2012 Sustainability Report, DJO’s third such report, is to highlight the Company’s most recent year of reported sustainability. From the report, DJO’s Sustainability Reporting Team will develop actions and programs to continuously improve our sustainability as a global organization. Our aim is to be able to answer these questions:

  1. What actions should we focus on to drive the greatest improvements in our business operations that will strengthen our sustainability (upstream and downstream) and improve our bottom line?
  2. Which key stakeholders will we dialog with to effect number 1 above?
  3. How will we share best practices across our sites regarding sustainability?

With the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G.3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines as our template, our goal when we initiated this process was to report on as many GRI Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as possible to best assess the state of sustainability at DJO. As we have addressed every GRI KPI for economic, environmental and social categories, we have rated DJO’s third Sustainability Report a Level [A].

Through the development and application of the DJO Way, which embodies DJO Global’s culture and values, including our Sustainability Reporting Initiative, we believe that we are making a positive difference by making each process that we touch and each action we undertake more sustainable in our eyes and importantly, in the eyes of our stakeholders. The net result of strengthening the sustainability of our economic, environmental and social business practices is more engaged suppliers, employees and customers, which benefits the patients who use our products. We will continue to live up to our DJO Way motto of NEVER STOP GETTING BETTER!™